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These are confessions of a girl sick of confessions

He went away and then I took a different path

A wish upon a star
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*I tend to forget who made or where some of the brushes/textures I use came from.
So if I'm using any of the burshes or textures that are yours, please tell me and I'll credit you.*

I'm friendy & nice & I'm looking for friends so just comment & I'll more than likey add you! ^_^

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♥ I want to be kissed so hard
that it hurts My lips
and so softly
that it hurts My heart...
I want to be held so tightly
that I can't beathe
and so tenderly
that it takes My breath away...♥

I dont come with dice, so DON'T PLAY ME...

I'm the girl who you can't quiet remember where you first saw me
You can't forget me all together
I'll haunt the corners of your mind...

|| ..s.e.c.r.e.t.. ||
|| ..e.s.c.a.p.e.. ||
|| ..v.i.s.u.a.l.i.z.e.. ||
|| ..w.h.i.s.p.e.r.. ||
|| ..pa.i.n.. ||
|| ..d.r.e.a.m.. ||
|| ..s.e.d.i.c.e.. ||
|| ..r.e.a.l.i.t.y.. ||
|| ..t.r.u.t.h.. ||
|| ..p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e.. ||

.x. Love.is.an.adventure...Explore.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.lifestyle...Live.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.struggle...Face.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.puzzle...Solve.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.gift...Accept.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.game...Play.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.song...Sing.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.goal...Achieve.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.mystery...Unfold.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.fairytale...Dream.it .x.
.x. Love.is.a.mission...Fulfill.it .x.